We specialise in generating high quality leads using paid advertising, such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. Paid advertising – or PPC – is well known for generating leads with high intent and good predictability. This means that the quality is good, and that we can adapt the lead volume to fit your business. All leads are exclusively generated per client, and never shared.


All incoming contact information is validated, before it is distributed. By validating email addresses and phone numbers, its much easier to have an effective follow-up. You can focus your time on the leads that are contactable with correct information. Additionally, we provide any information available, such as geographical location, keywords used and more.   


We provide lead email notifications immediately when a lead has entered their contact details. In addition to this, we can insert the leads into any CRM of your choice or directly into databases. Should you wish to automate further, we can send welcome emails on your behalf and much more. Our goal is to automate as much as possible, freeing up your time to do the most important part – selling.