Lead generation

We generate buyers leads from across Europe, using paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing and other marketing platforms. We select audiences based on your ideal client profile. Managing your ad-accounts on a monthly basis, we make sure to produce leads you can depend upon.

Advertising every stage of your sales funnel

Its important not just to find new leads, but also to nurture and keep them engaged until they are ready to buy. We target all stages of the sales funnel, to push your clients closer to a buying decision, and to make sure they stay with your business.

Lead quality

Unlike many marketing agencies, we optimise for lead quality rather than the more common lead volume or cost per lead (CPL). We use all available qualitative data to inform our campaigns, for instance from your CRM.

In the long run, this means we are able to generate leads that are more valuable for your business in terms of more more sales.

Correct contact information

We verify all incoming contact information, making sure leads are contactable via phone, email and postal addresses.

Increase your efficiency by only using contact information that is verified. Know that someone is available to answer your phone calls and emails will help your follow-up succeed. Save time and money – keep contact records and email lists clean.

Time-saving automations

We automatically send email notifications, insert leads into CRMs and can send alerts to your phone or computer. Get lead generation that work seamlessly with your existing way of doing business.

Automations makes things more effective and leaves you with more time to spend on your sales opportunities.

Transparency and shared insights

Live performance charts and an open dialogue helps improve both marketing and sales performance. The leads are important, but only one part of the equation. Another key is the human follow-up – with a fast lead response time and a structured approach.

Success comes from good partnerships. Our best results have been achieved through partnerships over the years, where we keep iterating on providing the best leads possible.